IVFA | Sydney City

IVFAustralia provides the most extensive and convenient network of fertility centres and consulting sites in and around Sydney and the Central Coast.Our surgical facilities and laboratory are co-located in three locations across Sydney, which avoid the known hazards of transporting fragile eggs and embryos.

IVFAustralia’s network of care allows patients the opportunity to attend specialist consultations and undertake blood and ultrasound treatment monitoring at clinic locations either close to home or work. Our City Clinic is conveniently located beside Wynyard railway station. Dr Jeffrey Persson is the Clinical Director. Dr Graeme Hughes, Dr Gavin Sacks and Dr David Golovsky consult at the Clinic. Patients can choose to have any day surgical procedures conducted at Marboura, Greenwich (Northern Sydney) or Westmead day surgery facilities. The clinic opens at 7am for blood tests and ultrasound monitoring for patient convenience.


  Sydney City  Level 1  33 York Street  T: +61 2 8346 6800  F: +61 2 8346 6868